Custom Orders

Request something special to be handmade by Roses Workshop


I love Custom Orders!

Whether it is knitting gloves a bit smaller, or a hat a bit bigger, making a tea cosy to fit an unusual shaped teapot, or a big pile of cushions in a tweed I've never used before, I am quite happy.

However, by their very nature these items take more time than a regular size or shape version. I may need to buy in materials that I don't hold in stock. Also I may need to finish what I am working on before I can make a start on the custom item.

Like the proverbial buses, I may have no custom order enquiries for ages, then suddenly several come along at once. It's not that your item will take three weeks to make - it may take just one day, but in three weeks time when I have a slot available. If you have a special deadline like a wedding or birthday date, please contact me well in advance so I can fit you in.


Christmas starts in October!

It starts when the kids go back to school after the October half-term break, and by November I start to run out of available slots. I am often overwhelmed by custom orders in early December, all wanted as Christmas presents, and have to start turning people away. I hate to do this. I love that you all like my work so much that you want a special version for a special person. But I don't have any magical elves to help me, and I really do have to sleep occasionally!

Please, please order early for Christmas.







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